360° Production

MPS PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS srl boasts research networks, planning, production and internal marketing. The target of the company is to produce high technology engineering protection systems with innovative design. MPS PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS are thought to be used in sanitary and hospital buildings, for retirement homes, for public and private buildings, warehouses, production centers, supermarkets, commercial centers, underground and train stations, hotels, wellness centers, sport centers, veterinary practice, medical centers and for all public or private places which need wall protection systems.

Man and the planet in the first place

MPS PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS satisfy the EU most exigent regulations. Every product undergoes check tests performed by specialized bodies for security and loading.

The security in working public or private place, as in other places where a human being live, is a fundamental and inalienable right.

Preparation within 48 hours.

MPS PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION SYSTEMS is born from the synergy of several leader companies in their fields. A synergy which is important to produce high level protection systems for what concerns security and the material and respects the environment.

The preparation and installation of our protection systems does not need any specialized staff or maintenance, in order to reduce costs.